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Android 79% of the Smartphone Market

Android climbed to 79 percent of smartphone market share in 2013… Could it be strategic to sell more advertising? Nah… Come on! Learn this Google Advertising stuff or go out of business.


Android may have quickly reached the top of the smartphone world, but there are signs that this red-hot growth is cooling off… if only just. Strategy Analytics estimates that the platform claimed nearly 79 percent of smartphone market share in 2013.

While that’s both a record high and a big step up from almost 69 percentin 2012, it also represents Android’s slowest annual growth rate since its birth. As the analysts note, Google is facing an increasingly saturated market; there are only so many more customers it can reach.

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They had been averaging 1 lead for every 110 visits for a specific keyword… Google Analytics Visits Example(lots of money spent on that one)…

Our “Fix” was applied…

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