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Get Ranked On YouTube

Here are some tips that can help you get ranked on the world’s second most used Search Engine, YouTube.com.

The Key To Top Video Rankings On YouTube & Google

Many of us in the SEO community obsess about Google algorithm changes, personalized search, Bing market share growth, and the myriad minutia that affects search engine behavior.

But for all of the attention that we give most of the major players in search, it remains a mystery to me why the second largest search engine is routinely ignored.

In case you hadn’t realized, in terms of share of search, YouTube remains ahead of Yahoo!, safely in the No. 2 spot behind Google, according to comScore.

Clients and colleagues frequently ask, “Why do some videos rank well on Google but not YouTube and vice-versa?” Just like all of life’s important questions, the answer is complicated. Therefore, I will concentrate only on the most important factors.

When it comes to SEO, most of us follow the general rule that what’s good for Google is usually good enough for other search engines. And considering that most clients would tell you that Google is their number one priority for organic traffic, many of us don’t spend tons of time looking at other search engines.

Unfortunately, the old adage (it’s an adage in my head anyway), “As Google goes, so goes the nation” doesn’t apply to YouTube, which has its own way of doing things. Which may sound weird as Google owns YouTube.

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